2022.01.01 - We wish a happy new year to all as we celebrate the first anniversary of our relocation to new offices at Lodge Farm Barns in Skendleby.
2021.11.25 - Scorer Hawkins Architects become proud members of the Heritage Trust Network.
2021.09.08 - We are delighted to welcome Tom Ashmore as our latest recruit to the practice. Tom joins us as an Architectural Assistant, having recently graduated with a BA in Architecture from Norwich University of the Arts.
2021.08.01 Each month, the RIBA East Midlands showcases one of the region’s Chartered Practices. This month it is the turn of Scorer Hawkins Architects to come under the spotlight.
2021.07.27 - Sam Scorer's pioneering Markham Moor Service Station features in a new book by Margaret Garlake. Artists Making Landscapes in Post-war Britain is published today by Modern Art Press.
2021.07.05 - We are pleased to welcome Charlie Woolfitt as our latest recruit to the practice. Charlie joins us as an Architectural Assistant, having recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University.
2021.06.14 - Our renovation project of Crumbs Café in Dolphin Lane, Boston, reaches completion. The project is a cornerstone of the Boston Townscape Heritage Initiative, providing grant funding for the strategic revitalisation of Boston's historic town centre.
2021.06.07 - Scorer Hawkins Architects make the commitment to join the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge - developed by the RIBA to help Chartered Practices meet net zero whole life carbon for new and retrofitted buildings by 2030. It sets a series of targets for practices to adopt to reduce operational energy, embodied carbon and potable water.
2021.05.07 - To compliment our work on upgrading the environmental performance of existing buildings, we are now able to undertake Thermographic Surveys to access the thermal performance of building fabric and identify defects in construction.
2021.05.01 - The life and work of Sam Scorer is featured in the May Edition of Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.
2021.04.22 - The practice has been fortunate to receive a grant from Lincolnshire County Council for purchasing a 360 Degree Camera. This new equipment will enable us to produce three-dimensional digital images of building interiors and host immersive Matterport tours for our clients. Our Matterport scan of the Old Bolingbroke Church can be viewed HERE.
2021.02.19 - Scorer Hawkins Architects become an RIBA Chartered Practice. The Chartered Practice accreditation scheme helps demonstrate the practice's commitment to excellence in design and service delivery. The Code of Practice sets out the standards of conduct and practice that the RIBA requires of its Chartered Practices.
2021.01.07 - Directors Chris Bowen and Jonathan Čapek appointed Associate Lecturers at Lincoln University School of Architecture.
2021.01.01 - Having been based at 20 Banks Street, Horncastle for the last 25 years, we are pleased to announce the practice has today formally completed its relocation to new offices located at Lodge Farm Barns in Skendleby. There can be no doubting that 2020 has been tough for everyone, so here's hoping the year ahead will be a happier and healthier one for all.
2020.12.16 - Scorer Hawkins Architects join the Professional Trades Directory of the National Churches Trust. In collaboration with the Church of England, the Professional Trades Directory promotes suitably qualified and experienced quinquennial inspectors for churches, chapels and meeting houses.
2020.12.11 - Scorer Hawkins Architects make the pledge to join Architects Declare - a network of architectural practices committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency.
2020.11.23 - Director Jonathan Čapek becomes an Associate Member of the Ecclesiastical Architects & Surveyors Association (EASA).
2020.11.20 - SPAB National Maintenance Week. Today marks the start of the SPAB's annual National Maintenance Week campaign, which aims to reminds anyone who looks after a building - regardless of its age, type or purpose - of the simple, achievable steps they can take to prepare for the worst that winter can bring.
2020.10.22 - Our New Shop Front project, for Hopper's Jewellers of Boston, has been featured as an exemplar of heritage-led regeneration in a promotional video produced by Heritage Lincolnshire.
2020.10.16 - Our new website has gone live today!
2020.10.05 - We are pleased to welcome Joe Mulholland to the practice. Joe joins us as an Architectural Assistant, having graduated from the Lincoln School of Architecture earlier this year.
2020.09.24 - Today our practice officially adopts the new name of 'Scorer Hawkins Architects Limited.' The practice had formally been known as 'Scorer & Hawkins Limited' since 2010.
2020.09.14 - Our Twitter account was launched today. Much to our great surprise, our very first tweet - featuring an image of Sam Scorer's Markham Moor Service Station - received nearly 40,000 views within 48 hours! It is good to see there is still so much affection for Sam's architectural legacy.
2020.07.31 - Director Philip Hawkins has received approval to remain on the Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC) until July 2024. All registered architects are re-assessed every five years as a continual skills appraisal process, ensuring that they continue to demonstrate the appropriate insight, understanding and application of the building conservation principles.
2020.02.10 - We were please to learn that our New Shop Front project, for Hopper Jewellers of Boston, was a winner at the Pride of Boston Awards 2019, presented by Boston Preservation Trust Civic Group.